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Upcoming Events
- COMPASS Board Meeting
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
- COMPASS Board Meeting
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
- COMPASS Board Meeting
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
- COMPASS Board Meeting
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
- COMPASS Board Meeting
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
School Announcements

Summer Camps at CCS -

June 9-13: Movie Star Camp
June 16-20: Rock Star Camp & Mad Science Camp
June 23-27: Rock Star Camp & Mad Science Camp
July 7-10: Warrior Arts Camp
July 21-25: Earthbeat Choir
July 28-July 31: Warrior Arts Camp
August 4-8: Inward Bound Mindfulness Camp

School resumes on Wednesday, August 27 for grades 1-8. Kindergarten resumes on Tuesday, September 2.
The Last Week
I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. We do not have school on Monday. As we head into the last week of school, here is the schedule for next week. There is a lot going on! You are invited to the 8th grade portfolio presentations on Thursday, and if you are an 8th grade parent, you are encouraged to attend. It is an amazing event.

We have a very distinguished group of community members who are reading individual student portfolios and will sit on the panels to hear student presentations: Skye Skinner (executive director of Compass), Matt Hamilton (RFSD school board president), Pat Curry (CEO of Footsteps Marketing), Leigh McGown (principal of Yampah High School), Kristen Graham (former teacher at CCS), Cliff Colia (former principal of CMS & RFHS and teacher at CMC), Drew Adams (principal of Roaring Fork High School), Mandi Read (CCS teacher), Paul Freeman (principal of Glenwood Springs High School), Eric Brendlinger (CCS parent and Compass board member), Diana Alcantara (CCS teacher), Rob Stein (assistant superintendent of RFSD), Sonya Hemmen (principal of Ross Montessori), Ellen Huttenhower (CCS teacher – 10 of the graduating 8th graders started kindergarten at CCS), and Adriana Hire (principal of the new Two Rivers Community School in Glenwood Springs).

Memorial Day – No School

5/6 Science Fair during the day and @6:30
K graduation potluck 5:30-7:30

8th grade goodbye circle at 2:15

Portfolio presentations in central area 8:30-11
1/2 Graduation at Bert & Ernie Park – leave CCS @11:30
Triathlon at Sopris Park starts at 1
8th Grade Graduation @6 pm

Step Up 9-9:30
Goodbye Circle 9:30-10
Field Day 10:15-11:30
Noon release

Monday & Tuesday, June 2 & 3: Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences
1/2 Back from Outdoor Ed!
Bike & Walk to School Challenge
We participated in the Garfield County Clean Energy Bike & Walk to School Challenge, April 15-17. The results aren't in yet, but we had fun participating!
All School Meeting Monday, April 21

Continuing with this year's Big Event theme, we are fortunate to have two amazing Congolese artists, Teber Milandou Sita and Biza Sompa, visit CCS on Monday, April 21, to present at our school meeting at 11:05. Teber and Biza are both originally from Brazzaville, Congo, and they are passionate about sharing their culture and traditions. They will present an interactive cultural education assembly, where they will talk about their culture, sing songs, perform music and dance, engage the kids with movement and call and response, and share their native tongue of Laari. All are welcome to attend!
Spring Outdoor Education Trips
Kindergarten: May 20-21 Rock Bottom Ranch Overnight
Grades 1/2: May 7-9 Avalanche Ranch on the Crystal River
Grades 3/4: May 13-15 Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction, CO
Grade 5: April 22-25 Rafting on the Colorado River near Moab, UT
Grade 6: April 14-16 Snowshoeing to 10th Mt. Sangree Froelicher Hut near Leadville, CO
Grade 7: February Urban Ed trip to Denver; May 5-6 Work on trail to Thomas Lake, Mt Sopris
Grade 8: May 6-15 Los Angeles and sailing for 5 days off the coast on the tall ship Tole Mour
March 3

The Big Event - Into Africa! - is here, and the children begin working in earnest with their scene group leaders today in preparation for the performances on March 19 and March 20 at 6:30 pm (Please note the earlier start time!). The Big Event is a project that involves the entire school community and integrates all aspects of the curriculum. Students write, produce and perform with the support and direction from teachers, parents and visiting artists. It is an intense three-week process that incorporates drama, dance, art and music into the daily schedule with language arts, social studies and math. You can reserve your tickets now from Sandra (the show sells out each year!). Tickets will also be available for purchase from the Carbondale Recreation Center.

I have included two handouts that the students have been given this year for the Big Event. One is a series of journal questions related to the Big Event, and the other is 51 "random" facts and 10 geography facts about Africa to get the students thinking about our theme. I encourage you to use these two handouts to talk to your children about the Big Event.

Parent Work Night: All parents are invited to join us on Monday, March 10, from 5:00 -8:00 pm to construct and put the finishing touches on the set and anything else that may need doing. Pizza is served. This is a very fun community evening. Wear old clothes and be prepared to paint, construct and generally work together to finish set details. Children are not invited for this evening due to safety concerns.

Volunteer Sign Up: A sign up board will be posted at the front desk. We need costume organizers, backstage supervision, food concessions, poster distribution, backstage snacks, ticket sales, program distribution, make-up artists, and parking attendants. Laurel Tesoro, parent of Chase in 1st & Aya in 3rd, is coordinating the costumes this year.

Please note that on Wednesday, March 19, the night of the first performance, we will have a noon release from school. No hot lunch will be served that day. On Thursday, March 20, there are no classes that day, but school is still open for your children if needed and supervision is provided by our teachers. On Friday, March 21, school is in session for all students. This is an important day for students to help clean up the school and break down the set, debrief the Big Event, and to participate in Big Event parodies. Please plan on your children coming to school that day.

Your help in this event is immensely appreciated and welcomed!

Big Event Journal Questions

Random Facts About Africa
Portfolio Night February 20 6:30 pm
The upcoming Portfolio Night at the Carbondale Community School is an opportunity to come view your child’s portfolio as well as an opportunity to bring a guest to visit our school. It is also a chance for you and the community to view the K-8 portfolio assessment process.

The purpose of the Carbondale Community School portfolio is to demonstrate student learning at each grade level. A student portfolio contains a collection of work that is valuable and accessible to multiple audiences; shows growth and best work; addresses standards; represents the uniqueness of the individual student; shows evidence of reflection; and demonstrates that the student is ready to move on to further work and study. Students use their portfolios to show their progress at parent/teacher/student conferences. The portfolio is intended to be a tool for goal-setting, self-evaluation and reflection. The portfolio complements the reports that teachers write twice a year.

The process by which students and teachers put portfolios together are through collection (work is saved and stored); selection (work is reviewed and selected to meet set criteria); and reflection (students and teachers evaluate the contents of the portfolio). Although each portfolio reflects a student’s individuality and grade level, all portfolios have distinct shared purposes. The first is process. A main feature of each portfolio is that it documents, with specific artifacts, a student’s learning process at each grade level. Process may be defined as “how” something is learned. Examples of process works are rough drafts, a progression of spelling exercises that show improvement, and social emotional growth through self-evaluations. The second shared purpose is product. These are final project outcomes, i.e. papers, essays, best work, etc. The final product is by definition the outcome created by a successful process. They go together and should not be separated. This includes both traditional content areas of math and language arts as well as art, social emotional, outdoor education and community service. The final shared purpose is reflection. This is a way of looking at and commenting on student work. This takes the form of teacher evaluations, student reflections, as well as peer comments. Examples are mid- and end-of-year reports, evaluated assignments, feedback from other students, and self-reflection sheets. Students are involved in more self-reflection as they get older. The entire portfolio process is structured in developmentally appropriate stages.

We hope to see you on the evening of February 20!
Upcoming Dates
Feb. 17 President's Day/ No School
Feb. 20 Portfolio Night/ Open House
Feb. 24 NO Hot Lunch and NO bus to and from Redstone
Feb. 24 - March 7 TCAP Reading Test Window 3rd Grade
Feb. 28 Retro Apres Ski at the PAC3 (New CCS Fundraiser)
March 10 NO late start
March 10 - March 14 TCAP Testing Grades 3-8 (Writing, Reading, Math)
March 14 Re Enrollment Form due
March 17 NO late start
March 19 & 20 Big Event Performances - Theme: Africa
March 24 - March 28 Spring Break
March31 School Resumes
March 31 - April 4 TCAP Testing Grades 3-8
April 4 Application for Enrollment Deadline
April 8 Enrollment Lottery
April 11 Vision/ Hearing Testing for K, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7
April 14 - May 2 Colorado Summative Assessment in Science for Grades 5 & 8
April 14 - May 2 Colorado Summative Assessment in Social Studies
April 25 Literacy Testing (K-4)/ Grades 5-8 in school
April 28 Teacher Work Day
Winterskol Kids' Snow Sculpture Contest

On January 10, a group of our middle school students went up to Aspen and participated in the Winterskol snow sculpture contest. This year's theme was Locally Grown, Internationally Known. They won the Most Artistic prize for their aspen tree design!
January 7, 2014

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a peaceful and relaxing break! Student reports will be mailed out this week. Please review the following:

TCAPs: If for any reason your child will not be here during the TCAP (Transitional Colorado Assessment Program) testing dates (see below), please let me or your teacher know as soon as possible. In the past, the Colorado Department of Education allowed CCS to take the TCAPs under the early testing window, which worked well with our Big Event schedule. However, they have now denied us that opportunity, so under our current schedule and with keeping the Big Event in March, that gives us the week of March 10 and the week of March 31 to complete the math, reading, & writing assessments. We return from spring break on Monday, March 31. New this year, please also note that there will be online summative assessments for science (grades 5 & 8) and social studies (grades 4 & 7) sometime between April 14 & May 2, exact dates yet to be determined.

Lunch Schedule: Starting tomorrow, we will go to a new lunch schedule for the month of January (recess at 11:45 and then lunch at 12:10). We tried this schedule earlier in the year for a week and then surveyed all the students. There was no clear consensus, and some said they didn't like it because "change is difficult." As a staff, we noticed that students want to rush out to recess, and while there are always exceptions, we did notice that with the new schedule recess and lunch were less hectic and that lunch was not as rushed. Students also transitioned back to the classroom more easily. Other schools that have tried this schedule have noticed similar benefits, including improved behavior and eating habits. For our older students, they said they were hungry by 11:45, so those students have been encouraged to bring more food to eat during their learning center extended snack time. I also talked with the Student Advisory Council students, and while their opinions differed, they did think it was a good idea to give the schedule more time.

April Calendar Heads Up: With new state legislation - The READ Act - and a new state reading proficiency assessment testing window for grades K-3, we will not be using April 17-18 for our literacy testing days, nor that Monday, April 21 as a teacher work day. Those days will be regularly scheduled school days. Once I get the final word from the state on a testing window, I will let you know how that will affect our schedule. My apologies in advance, but I cannot ignore state law. This does not affect grades 4-8.

Important Dates:

January 20 MLK Day No School
January 24 No School Optional Check-In Conferences
February 7 All School Ski Day
February 17 No School President’s Day
February 20 Portfolio Night/Open House
February 24-March 7 TCAP Reading Test Window 3rd Grade
March 10-April 11 TCAP Testing Window Grades 3-8 (Writing, Reading, Math)
March 19 & 20 Big Event Performances - Africa is the theme!
March 24-March 28 Spring Break
March 31 School Resumes
April 14-May 2 Colorado Summative Assessment in Science for Grades 5 & 8
April 14-May 2 Colorado Summative Assessment in Social Studies for Grades 4 & 7

Thanks, Tom
Wellness Survey
We had 60 individuals participate in our Wellness Survey. I have attached it as a PDF so you can view the results. If a question asked for a response, I included the written responses at the end of the attachment.

I have included below what I wrote up when I asked for your participation in the survey. Our wellness committee continues to meet and this survey has provided us food for thought as we think about next steps. If you have any questions or want to get involved, please feel free to contact me or one of the committee members (Robin Jacober, Nannette Weinhold, Diana Alcantara, & Mandi Read).

Before the Thanksgiving break, we experimented with changing the lunch recess schedule by having students go right to recess at 11:45 and then eat lunch at 12:15 (Our current schedule is lunch at 11:45 and then recess at 12). We did this schedule switch for only one week. Although this approach is successful in other schools and the research supports it, it received a mixed reaction from our students (a change and hunger seemed to be the two biggest concerns). We'll solicit more feedback from the Student Advisory Council representatives and then decide whether to try it for a longer period of time after the holiday break. If you are interested in the rationale behind this change, please give me a call. We are also excited to announce that we just received an amazing new nutrition curriculum called Food for Thought, which will be adapted for our 7th and 8th graders (it currently is offered in front range public high schools). Our Wellness advisor from the Colorado Charter League has become a big fan of our school, and she secured the funding for this curriculum. Robin will be trained in it and she will then incorporate it into her PE curriculum this spring.

CCS has been selected to participate in a three-year Wellness Advisor Collaborative, a key part of a new Building Healthy Charter Schools Initiative, led by the Colorado League of Charter Schools. Only seven Colorado charter schools were selected to participate in this project. The schools that were selected demonstrated a high level of readiness and a desire to integrate healthy practices, reinforced by policy and recommended structures, into the everyday culture of their school. The Colorado League of Charter Schools invited a broad selection of schools that are representative of the charter sector in Colorado, including both rural and small schools.

As part of this Collaborative, CCS will work with a wellness advisor to conduct a needs assessment, access health resources, and establish a culture of wellness at the school. On a larger scale, the Wellness Advisor Collaborative will identify strategies that lead to the most impactful health reform in schools. These insights will be shared with all Colorado charter schools so that others can use the best practices created during the collaborative to effectively build healthy school environments.


Click here for CCS Wellness Survey results
CCS Annual Fund
Our Annual Fund directly benefits each CCS student and keeps all our educational programs strong. The State of Colorado pays about $6,700 per student per year, and as a charter school we receive about $335 less per student than the other schools in our Roaring Fork School District. And with our low teacher/student ratios that bring in fewer state dollars to our school, we run an annual deficit of approximately $1500 per student. Therefore, we count on every one of us to help make up the funding difference! Thank you to all who have contributed to the Annual fund:

Catherine & Gregg Adams
Diana Alcantara
Ericka & Eric Anderson
Amiee & Brian Beazley
Jeanne & Steve Beckley
Reina Briceno
Jennifer & Zach Carlson
Krysia Carter-Giez & Dave Reed
Julie Comins & Greg Pickrell
Maria & Jeff Copenhaver
Aimee & Ants Cullwick
Midge Dallas
Lauren De Are & Daniel Pittz
Ian Exelbert
Cathie Farrar
Carol & Brian Farris
Ted Frisbie
Gwen Garcelon
Hilary Garnsey & Ben Peery
Kerri & James Genung
Julie Goldstein & Tony O'Rourke
Kristen & Wally Graham
Melissa Helser
Cecilia Hernandez & Saul Torres
Susan & Jeffrey Horning
Francie Jacober
Molly & Tai Jacober
Robin & Rio Jacober
Christopher Johnson
Jenny & Matt Jones
Juliet & Martin Jones
Courtney & Lynn Kleager
Jennifer & Andre Kuhn
Janet & Larry Madden
Leigh McGown & Ted Kauffman
Laura Maine & Javier Gonzalez-Bringas
Gayle & Jonathan Mason
Joseph Meade
Isidra Morales-Jimenez
Stephanie & Dave Munk
Angie & David Nickamin
Teena & Mike Morford
Julia & Steven Novy
Liz & Tom Penzel
Leah Perkins & Bryce Orblom
Nicole Popp
Jody & Gregg Post
Mandi & Mark Read
Lisen & Todd Richmond
Angie Riley
Tamara Schischa & Jamie Rooney
Rebecca & Jason Segal
Sandra & Matt Shafer
Elizabeth & Sloan Shoemaker
Alison & Whelan Smith
Andrea & Nelson Suarez
Laurel & Scott Tesoro
Debra & Dave Weidemann
AnneMarie Zanka & Mark Webber
The Snow Day Hotline is 384-6075.  In addition to being the Roaring Fork District's school closure line, this is also an emergency information line. 
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