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Upcoming Events
- COMPASS Board Meeting
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
- COMPASS Board Meeting
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Event Occurrence - COMPASS Board Meeting
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
- COMPASS Board Meeting
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
School Announcements
You don't want to miss this 7/8 learning center El Tioga and annual CCS celebration of Thanksgiving on Friday, November 21. Lunch will be served starting at 11:30. Cost is $5.00/person. You can†make reservations†by calling Sandra, 963-9647.
Our New CCS Wellness Brochure
Storm clouds and a rainbow last week!
Garden Harvest!
The Garden Club harvested the school garden for this Friday's El Tioga!
The first Choice offerings were introduced at all school meeting today, and it will start next Friday afternoon, September 26. The 2nd Choice will then be on Friday, October 10. At CCS, Choice provides an opportunity to focus on life-long learning in a multi age setting. It gives students and teachers opportunities to develop relationships outside the typical classroom setting, helping to enhance community ties. In a mentoring capacity, adults can share the interests and skills they have acquired through a commitment to life-long learning. Choice provides an alternative venue for student success and enrichment, through the experiential development of skills, opportunities for service, and exposure to and practice of the arts.

Here are the Choice offerings for September 26 & October 10. Students were asked to choose their top three picks.
  • Goldworthy Art & Nature Walk grades K-8 (Ellen & Francie)
  • Potato Day Parade Float and Garden grades K-8 (Diana & Mandi)
  • Watercolor Art & Ju8ggling/Magic grades K-8 (Karen & Jammin' Jim)
  • Line Dancing grades K-8 (Heather & Stevie Bovee)
  • Terracycling/Music grades K-8 (Ted F.)
  • Stop Motion Film grades 1-8 (Jonathan)
  • Writer's Workshop grades 2-8 (Cathie)
  • Carbondale Bike Park grades 3-8 (Mike)
  • C.A.R.E. grades 4-8 (Tom)
  • Photography grades 4-8 (Nannette)
  • Knitting grades 4-8 (Robin)
  • Leather Work grades 5-8 (Ted K.)
The 7th grade on the summit of Mt. Sopris, Thursday, September 11!
Week of September 8 Announcements

Dear CCS Families,

†††††††† As we head into the cool mornings and warm days of the fall season, jackets seem to get forgotten on the playground. Please check the lost & found bin which is located on the corner of the school building by the front entrance.

†††††††† On Saturday, September 13, from 2:30-6 pm at the new Carbondale North Face Bike Park (by the skate park on Meadowood Drive), there will be an opening celebration with food and raffle prizes. It is an amazing new facility.

†††††††† If you volunteer more than 4 times a year at CCS, or plan on going on a school outdoor education trip, you are required by law to be fingerprinted. The school pays for this requirement and the forms are available from Sandra at the front desk.

†††††††† We need parent volunteers to assist with our Vision & Hearing screenings Friday morning, September 19. If you can help, please contact Sandra.

†††††††† This year, we have contracted with Nurses on the Move.†They†are two registered nurses from the front range who work primarily with rural schools to provide the health resources they need. As a small public charter school, we are unable to use the nurses that the school district provides to its schools. Please contact me if you have any questions about this service. If you would like to meet Ann Burkett and Susan McColl, they will be here on Friday, September 19 for the vision & hearing screenings. Nurses on the Move offers our school the following:

Review safety and health practices of the school.

Provide training to staff, and delegate and supervise the administration of medication and special health procedures to trained staff on an as needed basis.

Provide on-site consultation in five day long visits scheduled throughout the school year.

Provide information on communicable disease, infection control, immunizations, and other health and safety topics as needed.

Provide health and safety training when needed.

Provide vision and hearing screening annually according to state guidelines.

Help to link school staff, children and families with community health resources when needed.

Be available to staff and families to discuss health concerns, by email, telephone during the school year, or by an appointment on the days they are present in the school.

†††††††† Outdoor Education Schedule: 8th grade September 8-12 (Navajo Lake, NM/CO canoeing); 7th grade September 10-12 (Mt Sopris backpack); 5th & 6th grade October 1-3 (Sand Flats, UT); 3rd & 4th grade September 16-18 (Difficult campground, Aspen); 1st & 2nd grade September 23-24 (Bogan Flats campground, Marble); & Kindergarten September 30 (ACES & Maroon Bells).

All the best, Tom

Wellness Survey
We had 60 individuals participate in our Wellness Survey. I have attached it as a PDF so you can view the results. If a question asked for a response, I included the written responses at the end of the attachment.

I have included below what I wrote up when I asked for your participation in the survey. Our wellness committee continues to meet and this survey has provided us food for thought as we think about next steps. If you have any questions or want to get involved, please feel free to contact me or one of the committee members (Robin Jacober, Nannette Weinhold, Diana Alcantara, & Mandi Read).

Before the Thanksgiving break, we experimented with changing the lunch recess schedule by having students go right to recess at 11:45 and then eat lunch at 12:15 (Our current schedule is lunch at 11:45 and then recess at 12). We did this schedule switch for only one week. Although this approach is successful in other schools and the research supports it, it received a mixed reaction from our students (a change and hunger seemed to be the two biggest concerns). We'll solicit more feedback from the Student Advisory Council representatives and then decide whether to try it for a longer period of time after the holiday break. If you are interested in the rationale behind this change, please give me a call. We are also excited to announce that we just received an amazing new nutrition curriculum called Food for Thought, which will be adapted for our 7th and 8th graders (it currently is offered in front range public high schools). Our Wellness advisor from the Colorado Charter League has become a big fan of our school, and she secured the funding for this curriculum. Robin will be trained in it and she will then incorporate it into her PE curriculum this spring.

CCS has been selected to participate in a three-year Wellness Advisor Collaborative, a key part of a new Building Healthy Charter Schools Initiative, led by the Colorado League of Charter Schools. Only seven Colorado charter schools were selected to participate in this project. The schools that were selected demonstrated a high level of readiness and a desire to integrate healthy practices, reinforced by policy and recommended structures, into the everyday culture of their school. The Colorado League of Charter Schools invited a broad selection of schools that are representative of the charter sector in Colorado, including both rural and small schools.

As part of this Collaborative, CCS will work with a wellness advisor to conduct a needs assessment, access health resources, and establish a culture of wellness at the school. On a larger scale, the Wellness Advisor Collaborative will identify strategies that lead to the most impactful health reform in schools. These insights will be shared with all Colorado charter schools so that others can use the best practices created during the collaborative to effectively build healthy school environments.


Click here for CCS Wellness Survey results
CCS Annual Fund
Our Annual Fund directly benefits each CCS student and keeps all our educational programs strong. The State of Colorado pays about $6,700 per student per year, and as a charter school†we receive about $335 less per student†than the other schools in†our Roaring Fork School District. And with our low teacher/student ratios that bring in fewer state dollars to our school, we run an annual deficit of approximately $1500 per student. Therefore, we count on every one of us to help make up the funding difference! Thank you to all who have contributed to the Annual fund:

​Kristina & James Bingaman
Kristen & Corey Campbell
Maria & Jeff Copenhaver
​Aimee & Ants Cullwick
Hilary Garnsey†& Ben Peery
​Kerri & James Genung
Julie & Ed Jenkins
Molly & Tai Jacober
​Courtney & Lynn Kleager
​Tracey & Ned Lucks
Angie & David Nickamin
Liz & Tom Penzel
​Lisen†& Todd Richmond
Beth & Sloan Shoemaker
Maarja & Mark Wisroth
The Snow Day Hotline is 384-6075.  In addition to being the Roaring Fork District's school closure line, this is also an emergency information line. 
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