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National Geographic Giant Map of North America!
Upcoming Assessment Testing Windows

April 13 - May 1: Colorado Summative Assessment Testing Window in Science for grades 5 & 8 and in Social Studies for grades 4 & 7
April 27 - May 22: PARCC End-of-Year Assessment Testing Window in Math and English Language Arts for grades 3-8
BIG EVENT - WESTWARD HO! - March 18 & 19

The Big Event - Westward Ho! -  is upon us, and the students are preparing for the performance on March 18 and March 19 at 6:30 pm at CCS. The Big Event is a project that involves the entire school community and integrates all aspects of the curriculum. Students write, produce and perform with the support and direction from teachers, parents and visiting artists. It is an intense three-week process that incorporates drama, dance, art and music into the daily schedule with language arts, social studies and math. You can reserve your tickets now from Sandra (the show sells out each year!). Tickets are also available for purchase from the Carbondale Recreation Center.

CCS is being recognized as a 2015 Healthy School Champion for our efforts in creating a healthy school. This is a very worthwhile state-wide recognition for our small community school, and we will be awarded $300 for our school health efforts. Every year, The Colorado Education Initiative honors Colorado schools that have recognized the importance of a healthy and engaging learning environment for all students.  Forty-seven Colorado schools are part of The Healthy School Champions Program which is in its fifth year of supporting and celebrating healthy schools, with more than $163,000 in awards being granted over the past five years.   Several of the Wellness team members will attend this year’s 7th Annual Summit and Luncheon: Seeing is Believing, hosted at the Sheraton Denver Downtown on Friday, April 24.  The summit and luncheon is among the highest profile education events in Colorado to celebrate innovation in public schools. It attracts more than 1,500 individuals representing leaders in education, business, advocacy, and government.  
Winning schools attend the Healthy School Champions recognition breakfast that features the Healthy School Champions, a voluntary program to assess and recognize best practices in health and wellness in time for Healthy Schools Month in April. The unique program provides a voluntary on-line, quantitative tool to assist schools in assessing their coordinated efforts and best practices in school health.  This year, schools completed either the Smart Source or Healthy School Champions Score Card assessment.  To be eligible for an award, schools also submitted letters of support from an administrator, student, teacher, parent and community member. 


Now Accepting Applications 
For the 2015-2016 school year
Application Deadline: April 3

Progressive integrated curriculum
Small, multi-aged classes (K-8) • Outdoor education
Encouraging inquisitive, independent and self-motivated learners

Open House

You are invited to meet our teachers, 
view student portfolios, and tour our facilities.

Thursday, February 19th from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Ahora Aceptamos Aplicaciones 

Para el ciclo escolar 2015-2016

Un Curiculo activo basado en las experiencias de la vida
Clases pequenas que combinan ninos de diferentes edades
Grados Kinder - 8 • Educacion y actividades al aire libre
Desarrollar estudiantes independientes v motivados


Noche de la escuela abierta.
Estan invitados a conocer nuestros maestros.

Jueves, 19 de Febrero de 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Fecha limite para aplicationes: 3 de Abril


What's Happening at CCS!

Looking outside today as we start the second week of February, it’s hard to believe that it is still winter! We had a great all school ski day last Thursday; thank you to everyone who volunteered to make it happen. Before you know it, March will be here, which is a very busy time of year at CCS. Students prepare for the Big Event on March 18 & 19; tomorrow they will find out their scene groups. In March, students in grades 3-8 will also for the first time take the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessments in Math and English Language Arts. RFSD requested and was granted an early testing window, so our students will now take the PARCC online the week of March 2. With enough chrome books we should be able to finish those tests during that week. If you’d like to take the practice test to see what your child will be assessed on, you can access the Math and ELA assessments at http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/. Here’s a brief overview of what’s happening across all the learning centers. It’s always amazing to walk through our school to see what is going on!
In Kindergarten, students are writing a solar system story using all of their high frequency words. They have been exploring 2-d and 3-d shapes; adding with dice; counting to 100 in different ways (100th day of school pajama party around the corner); writing valentines for their 6th and 8th grade buddies; and practicing reading in guided reading groups for their upcoming visit to the CRMS preschool. In Spanish, they are continuing to learn about the solar system and reading Buenas Noches, Luna/ Good Night, Moon.
In the 1/2 Learning Center, the students will also celebrate the 100th Day of School. They continue to work on "Our Watercolor Paint Business” Service Learning Project; write 'Imaginary World' paragraphs; formulate ideas for their epic Chapter Books; dance, act, sing and do movement activities to prepare for The Big Event; investigate math operations, geometry, money, and solve for an 'unknown change' in story problems. In Spanish, they are reading two books in Spanish about winter and related vocabulary.
In the 3/4 Learning Center, the students are working hard on writing skills.  They have written and polished essays on Martin Luther King, Jr.  In addition, third graders are reading Stone Fox and fourth graders are readingThe Whipping Boy.  Fourth graders have become experts at finding similes, which are abundant in their book.  Supplemental to these novel studies, they are learning about many current events and other nonfiction topics in the "Scholastic News" magazines.  Work on cursive writing in both grades continues, as does practice with spelling patterns. In Spanish, they are writing autobiographies about themselves; they are also making Spanish valentine cards. In Math, the third graders are wrapping up a unit on adding and subtracting greater numbers. They have been employing strategies such as breaking numbers apart by place value, using number lines, and using landmark numbers. They have also been touching on multiplication and division, and fractions, and they are about to begin a geometry and measurement unit. The fourth graders have been delving deeply into multiplication and division. For multiplication, they have been using strategies such as breaking factors apart and doubling and halving factors. They have been learning to solve division as the inverse operation (opposite) of multiplication, and turning any division problem into a multiplication problem. They have been working hard at memorizing multiplication "facts,” and they have also been touching on fractions and decimals.
In January, all the Art classes finished up a unit on Henri Rousseau. Students practiced their observation & drawing skills to create artwork with links to Rousseau's jungles, animals, and love of nature.  This month, they will focus on Georges Seurat, pointillism, and color theory. In PE, the kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades are working on dancing and hand-eye coordination; grades 3-6 are involved in a hockey unit; and the 7th and 8th graders are diving into nutrition.
In the 5/6 Learning Center, the Culture Fair is on February 10, from 6-8 pm. Students study a country's culture and geography in depth.  On the evening of the event they dress in traditional clothing, prepare a meal for sampling, learn a few phrases in the native language, and possibly perform a dance, song, or poem. They may even surprise the audience with a creative mini performance. In math, 5th graders have been studying and reviewing different graphs, data analysis, and operations with fractions and mixed numbers. 6th graders have reviewed operations with fractions and mixed numbers, multiplying and dividing decimals, operations with square and cube numbers, word problems with percents, and ratios. In science, 5th graders have recently studied mixtures and solutions, experiments with separating mixtures, human body systems and relationships within the human body. They are making human bodies using recycled materials. 6th graders have studied chemistry basics, including parts of the atom, edible atoms, experiments with moving molecules, the periodic table, the most common elements, and various crystal formations.
In the 7/8 Learning Center, the architecture project is in full swing and the model buildings are going up. The Algebra A class just finished percents and will be working on writing and solving equations. The Algebra G class is focused on writing and solving equations. The Geometry class is concentrating on transformations, rotations, reflections, and translations. Since the PARCC is a new assessment, the students have also been taking the practice tests. In Spanish I, students have just finished learning to talk about time and possession, and are now into adjectives and agreement. Spanish II students are studying the preterite (the simple past) tense, the present progressive, and command forms as well. The Civil War is the focus of the humanities classes.  In Social Studies, students are finishing up giving short presentations on certain details of the War (for example, "Women in Disguise" and "Confederate Submarines").  In Language Arts, students have completed a project in which they created a plausible soldier in the war, and then wrote a letter home from that soldier home telling his first person experience of a battle and time with his regiment.  They memorized Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and the students have read a number of Lincoln's speeches. And in Literature, the 8th graders are reading The Crystal Cave, a story of Merlin and eventually King Arthur. The 7th graders are studying Shakespeare's Hamlet, culminating with a viewing of the local performance at the Thunder River Theatre Company.

Marshmallow Challenge
During last Friday's all school meeting, the entire school participated in a design challenge called the marshmallow challenge. Groups of four were each given 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string, and one marshmallow. Students were given 18 minutes to build the tallest freestanding structure they could with only these objects; the marshmallow had to be on the top of the structure. Lots of creativity and problem-solving went into the design process. You should try it! Here's a link to the TED talk about the marshmallow challenge:
Our New CCS Wellness Brochure
CCS Annual Fund
Our Annual Fund directly benefits each CCS student and keeps all our educational programs strong. The State of Colorado pays about $6,700 per student per year, and as a charter school we receive about $335 less per student than the other schools in our Roaring Fork School District. And with our low teacher/student ratios that bring in fewer state dollars to our school, we run an annual deficit of approximately $1500 per student. Therefore, we count on every one of us to help make up the funding difference! Thank you to all who have contributed to the Annual fund:

Diana Alcantara
​Ericka & Eric Anderson
Jeanne & Steve Beckley
​Kristina & James Bingaman
Ann Brumby & Brad Reed Nelson
Eric & Patty Brendlinger
Heather & Greg Bryan
Kristen & Corey Campbell
Julie Comins & Greg Pickrell
​Aimee & Ants Cullwick
​Leticia & Usiel Dolores
DeAre & Daniel Pittz​
Hilary Garnsey & Ben Peery
​Kerri & James Genung
​Julie Goldstein & Tony O'Rourke
Cecilia Hernandez & Saul Torres
Julie & Ed Jenkins
Molly & Tai Jacober
​Juliet & Martin Jones
Monika & Eric Kincade
​Tracey & Ned Lucks
Janet & Larry Madden
Joe Meade
Kameron & Jose Miranda
Elizabeth & Brian Murphy
Angie & David Nickamin
Liz & Tom Penzel
​Amanda & Mark Read
​Lisen & Todd Richmond
Angie Riley
Lauri & Mark Rubinstein
Katharine Rushton & Kevin Jenkins
Tamara Schischa & James Rooney
Rebecca & Jason Segal
Sandra & Matt Shafer
Beth & Sloan Shoemaker
Stacey & Chad Simon
Alison & Charles Smith
Andrea & Nelson Suarez
Lisa & Chad Thomson
Heather & Fred Wilson
Maarja & Mark Wisroth
Storm clouds and a rainbow last week!
Garden Harvest!
The Garden Club harvested the school garden for this Friday's El Tioga!
The first Choice offerings were introduced at all school meeting today, and it will start next Friday afternoon, September 26. The 2nd Choice will then be on Friday, October 10. At CCS, Choice provides an opportunity to focus on life-long learning in a multi age setting. It gives students and teachers opportunities to develop relationships outside the typical classroom setting, helping to enhance community ties. In a mentoring capacity, adults can share the interests and skills they have acquired through a commitment to life-long learning. Choice provides an alternative venue for student success and enrichment, through the experiential development of skills, opportunities for service, and exposure to and practice of the arts.
Here are the Choice offerings for September 26 & October 10. Students were asked to choose their top three picks.
  • Goldworthy Art & Nature Walk grades K-8 (Ellen & Francie)
  • Potato Day Parade Float and Garden grades K-8 (Diana & Mandi)
  • Watercolor Art & Ju8ggling/Magic grades K-8 (Karen & Jammin' Jim)
  • Line Dancing grades K-8 (Heather & Stevie Bovee)
  • Terracycling/Music grades K-8 (Ted F.)
  • Stop Motion Film grades 1-8 (Jonathan)
  • Writer's Workshop grades 2-8 (Cathie)
  • Carbondale Bike Park grades 3-8 (Mike)
  • C.A.R.E. grades 4-8 (Tom)
  • Photography grades 4-8 (Nannette)
  • Knitting grades 4-8 (Robin)
  • Leather Work grades 5-8 (Ted K.)
The 7th grade on the summit of Mt. Sopris, Thursday, September 11!
Week of September 8 Announcements

Dear CCS Families,

·         As we head into the cool mornings and warm days of the fall season, jackets seem to get forgotten on the playground. Please check the lost & found bin which is located on the corner of the school building by the front entrance.

·         On Saturday, September 13, from 2:30-6 pm at the new Carbondale North Face Bike Park (by the skate park on Meadowood Drive), there will be an opening celebration with food and raffle prizes. It is an amazing new facility.

·         If you volunteer more than 4 times a year at CCS, or plan on going on a school outdoor education trip, you are required by law to be fingerprinted. The school pays for this requirement and the forms are available from Sandra at the front desk.

·         We need parent volunteers to assist with our Vision & Hearing screenings Friday morning, September 19. If you can help, please contact Sandra.

·         This year, we have contracted with Nurses on the Move. They are two registered nurses from the front range who work primarily with rural schools to provide the health resources they need. As a small public charter school, we are unable to use the nurses that the school district provides to its schools. Please contact me if you have any questions about this service. If you would like to meet Ann Burkett and Susan McColl, they will be here on Friday, September 19 for the vision & hearing screenings. Nurses on the Move offers our school the following:

Review safety and health practices of the school.

Provide training to staff, and delegate and supervise the administration of medication and special health procedures to trained staff on an as needed basis.

Provide on-site consultation in five day long visits scheduled throughout the school year.

Provide information on communicable disease, infection control, immunizations, and other health and safety topics as needed.

Provide health and safety training when needed.

Provide vision and hearing screening annually according to state guidelines.

Help to link school staff, children and families with community health resources when needed.

Be available to staff and families to discuss health concerns, by email, telephone during the school year, or by an appointment on the days they are present in the school.

·         Outdoor Education Schedule: 8th grade September 8-12 (Navajo Lake, NM/CO canoeing); 7th grade September 10-12 (Mt Sopris backpack); 5th & 6th grade October 1-3 (Sand Flats, UT); 3rd & 4th grade September 16-18 (Difficult campground, Aspen); 1st & 2nd grade September 23-24 (Bogan Flats campground, Marble); & Kindergarten September 30 (ACES & Maroon Bells).

All the best, Tom


The Snow Day Hotline is 384-6075.  In addition to being the Roaring Fork District's school closure line, this is also an emergency information line. 
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